Here at B & E Seafood, Inc. we are proud participants in the FDA's Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. We understand the importance of both product safety and quality. All of our employees remain constantly aware of the importance of both product safety and quality control. B & E Seafood has implemented strict "Zero Tolerance" guidlines that collectively involve not only HACCP procedures, but also Good Management Practices along with strict Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures. 

In accordance with HACCP guidelines we have defined temperature as our critical control point and critical limits have been set accordingly. Our company policy is drastically different from most other providers of shellfish. While we have strict guidlines adhereing to the National Shellfish Sanitation Program Manual of Operations, we prefer not to store product at all. Most other wholesellers will provide intricate detail about their storage procedures and how they can safely keep product in their coolers for days. While they are keeping track of which inventory has been in their cooler the longest, we continue to only harvest and ship product to our customers order. We really only have a refrigerated cooler to accomodate the guidelines in the Comprehensive Shellfish Code and pass inspection. Certainly our cooler will hold product at the required 45 degrees Fahrenheit , but we prefer better operating management practices that results in us not needing to use it. We do store our frozen products in our walk in freezer unit, and this unit is monitored to remain at or below 0 (Zero) degrees Fahrenheit.

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