Our Way Of Doing Business-

You may be asking yourself, 'Why should I choose B & E Seafood?' There are lot's of wholesalers out there, so why allow us to be your hard clam supplier?

These are great questions that can be answered with three words. Commitment to Excellence! When you become a customer of B & E Seafood, you have our total commitment to meet your needs. Most other shellfish suppliers will sell you what they have, when they have it. Most other shellfish suppliers think their job is done when they ship your order. And most other shellfish suppliers think they've served you best by stockpiling product in a cooler so that when you place your order they can drag it out and ship it to you.

Not B & E Seafood, Inc. We never try and dictate what you order or when you order it. We don't "Pre-buy" product to store in a cooler in hopes of selling it just before it spoils. If it weren't for other wholesalers, our facility probably wouldn't even have a cooler. Because other wholesalers aren't committed to customer satisfaction like us, the law states shellfish processors must have a cooler to store product.

We here at B & E Seafood, Inc. only harvest product to your order. When you place your order, your product is still residing in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Upon receiving your order, our crews burst into action to harvest the orders for that day and that day only. Certainly this approach is less convenient than the others, however, the result is the absolute freshest product available on the market! No one ships fresher littleneck clams than B & E Seafood, Inc., GUARANTEED!

Our Staff-

Our sales staff is made up primarily of and directly overseen by the two partners in B & E Seafood, Inc. Our commitment to you is total service and the highest level of commitment available.

Our Crew-

Our crew has one objective, Customer Satisfaction. Once our sales staff has confirmed your order, then and only then does our crew board our boats to harvest your product. That's right, we only harvest to order. When you buy from other wholesalers, you are buying the oldest product in their coolers. Let's face it, they feel compelled to rotate their stock. However, when you have a relationship with B & E Seafood, Inc., you are not buying product that has been sitting in a cooler waiting for a home. Your product is harvested from the pristine gulf waters upon your order and shipped within a few hours. This is our commitment to you.