Frozen Product

Despite our total commitment to freshness, we do realize that a frozen product better fills some of our customer's needs. That's why B & E Seafood, Inc. has tested and currently offers two frozen products.

Frozen Half-Shell

B & E Seafood, Inc., is proud to offer our BEstnecks individually frozen, shucked on the half-shell, and packaged in 12 count trays. These trays are then packaged in 12 tray masters and shipped to you ready to cook and serve.

Whole Frozen

B & E Seafood, Inc., proudly offers our select BEstnecks individually frozen and packaged in 10 pound packs for use in any of your littleneck recipes. This process results in a beautiful product you'd be proud to serve to any of your customers, yet allows you to store this otherwise fragile shellfish for an extended period of time, resulting in less product loss, and increased profits for you.